Grace Hill adds The Training Factor’s Aspire LMS to product suite.

The learning platform that turns new hires into great hires.

The performance platform that automates training compliance.

The learning platform that really does improve employee performance.

The learning platform that employees actually like to use.

Learning and Performance Management System (LMS) or (LPMS) that is feature rich and easy to use.

By using technology and benchmarking, our clients achieve higher employee performance. 

  • Set Expectations

    Ensure students understand what is expected of them by integrating policies and procedures into their learning plans.

  • Educate & Train

    Use blended learning and automated learning plans to deliver the right material to the right individual at the right time.

  • Measure Performance

    Analyze & measure employee performance on a regular basis and determine how to proceed.

  • Remediate Weaknesses

    Re-train and establish goals for under-performing employees in your organization.

Quick Features List

Full Catalog Online Multifamily Courses – Plug and Play

Our courses contain engaging content with rich multimedia productions, interactive learning games, scenario role playing opportunities, and comprehensive knowledge tests. This means that users are engaged in what they’re learning and retain the knowledge more easily. The Training Factor catalog boasts over one hundred classes that have been specifically developed for the multi-housing market. And since the training is online, courses are accessible 24/7.


Fun | Interactive | Educational

  • HR and Compliance
  • Customer Service
  • Executive Training
  • Leasing / Sales and Marketing
  • Maintenance
  • Student Housing
  • Safety and OSHA Training
  • Professional Business Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Affordable Housing

Course Designer

Design your own multimedia training courses in a matter of minutes. Utilize YouTube, PowerPoint, audio, text and more to bring your corporate learning objective to life.

Quizzes and Surveys

Create specialized quizzes with Aspire LMS. Easily create questions and deploy company wide. Rollout to any segment of your company with a click of a button.

Shared Document Repository

Put away the bulky, out-of-date policy manuals. Store policies, procedures, and forms in one place. Through the Aspire LMS, documents are easily accessible to all employees and easy to update.

Employee Coaching Tool

Never let an issue fall through the cracks again. The Aspire LMS “My Coach” module allows students to request assistance via pre-mapped categories. The issues are automatically routed to the appropriate parties. The issue never leaves the dashboard until it is resolved.

QuickStart courses

A mini-series of courses designed to get employees off the ground and running on their very first day.

  • Fair Housing
  • Customer Service
  • Curb Appeal
  • Mold Awareness
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Resident Retention
  • Telephone Techniques
  • On site sales
  • Internet Sales
  • Internet Marketing
  • Make Ready
  • Business IQ

Employee Assessment and Development Module…
“Employee Growth Index”

Create employee assessments based on job competencies, set and review goals, and monitor employee performance. This  feature takes an otherwise grueling and time consuming process and makes it quick, easy, and best of all, automated!

Automated Learning Plans

Having an automated learning plan is like having an autopilot for your training plan. Once training objectives are set up, the system practically runs itself. Students are assigned the right course at the right time, assuring compliance to company’s training initiatives.

Group Calendar with integrated learning agenda.

In the fast paced, deadline driven world we live in today, who has time to keep up with all of our monthly tasks? Let our integrated calendar keep operational and training deadlines together in one easy to use interface!

Robust Reports

Dive as deep as you want with Aspire LMS’s robust reporting engine. View data from user, course or supervisor levels. Schedule automated reports to meet your company’s needs…the options are limitless!

Social Media Integration

Aspire LMS is equipped with a blogging platform that allows students to share advice, ask questions and socially interact. Additionally, you can integrate with your company’s Facebook and RSS Feeds.

integration with hr platforms

Aspire LMS easily integrates with 3rd party HR platforms. No need to manually enter new employees and add/schedule learning plans. Once integrated, Aspire LMS creates new user accounts, assigns appropriate learning objectives and sends welcome letters to new students.

SaaS..Software as a Service

The Aspire Learning Management System Software is delivered over the Internet, as a Service. This robust, industry leading training application does not require installation onto your computer or maintenance. Accessing the Aspire Learning Management SAAS is as easy as accessing this website or any other favorite internet based destination. Complex downloads, applications and maintenance are a thing of the past.

Also referred to as Web-based e-learning software, software on-demand, or hosted software. Learning Management System SAAS is a way of delivering applications over the Internet, allowing you to concentrate on other business matters.

We believe that learning should be fun, so we offer lessons that are designed to educate as well as elucidate. As such, we incorporate animation, video clips, professional voiceovers, and excitement-driven content that delivers a WOW factor to our students.

We are a team dedicated to the innovation of education and performance improvement.

“The Training Factor has helped save thousands of dollars and increase employee morale.”


We specialize in making sure that your staff’s skills are fully honed to a fine point with online education that is guaranteed to deliver results.

Learn how to achieve high performance with benchmarking and training.

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